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Here we offer Art of all the kind -Characters, Illustrations, Collectible Cards, Backgrounds, Props, Symbols, Environment, UI/UXAnd variety of styles - cartoon, casual, realistic.

We have extensive experience in creating:

- 2D art                             - 3D art

- NFT                                - Animation

- VFX                                - Cinematic

Co-Development, Game Producing in different genres - from Romantic Novels and Casual or Hyper Casual Games, to Racing and Midcore games with complex Meta and Core Gameplay.GDD and Analysis creation.Development of the Prototypes, or Back-end and Front-end. With Unity, or Unreal, HTML5, or Pixi.js and .NET.Live Ops for game improvement and periodical updating.


In our projects we can implement:

- Art production           - Animation

- Economy                   - Game design

- Development           - Blockchain


Since 2018 starting Casino games production, we've done several dozens of slots. Stating from common 5 Reels to complex - 7-9 Reels games with MegaWays and Dropdown, so as Tournament and Boost features. Both with full custom development so as 3rd side libraries utilization.


In slot projects we implement the full cycle:

- Art production                - Animation

- Mathematic                    - Sound design

- Back / Front - end        - Prototyping

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